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Nothing Smooth v.2 Nothing Smooth v.2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

iits just the same thing

plus different drums, a few changed effexcts n shit, sum tweaking of levels and such here and there---maybe my only criticism would be not to submit something until it is donee,, or at least if you're going to do it like you did then at least change it enough so it is significantly different... not that i don tlike, its totally bitchin

JonH2O responds:

Well, I was submitting this song each time I changed something thinking that I could get it deleted every time by a moderator. But after the 3rd time of asking he stopped now I have 2 versions of the song somewhat the same. That goes for the song "alcoholic" too. I changed the name to dipsomaniac and added some more stuff, submitted it, and now I have a mastered version of it (I think it fucking rules) that i want to send in but don't want a whole bunch of the same song.

I submitted it to another account and it's been under judgement for almost 6 days.

Conceptual Instrumental Conceptual Instrumental

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


But i think poetic raven made a good point... i mean , i certainly wouldnt call this techno, there's no 4 on the floor bass drum, but it's too "busy" for hip hop, with the swishy robot mechanical factor things happening being built in the background robots working sounds... hahah i dunno. Drum could be louder and punchier, and if you really want it to be hip hop, you need "DA PHAT BASS!!" don't be afraid to be excessive. but yeah, this is still really cool, hip hop, techno, whatever the fuck you want to call it, keep up the good shit man

JonH2O responds:

Yeah, you're right. What really bugs me about putting something in a genre that reviewers don't agree with is it affects their review. They talk about why it doesn't belong, and how to improve on making it fit in the genre better. I don't know how to explain it.

I made this song in one day. Sober.
And then I listened to it. Really high. For a half fucking hour. I thought it was so cool man.
Then I listened to your song "That song dude totally" and listened to that for about 10 minutes. That song blew my mind. They sounded alike to me so I figured I'd put it in the same genre. That's what triggered my massive 10 reviews on alot of your stuff. My senses were a bit enhanced on them all.

Problem with me being excessive is I tend to get a bit too excessive. And cluttered. There are a couple songs I've made that I havn't submitted

I'll just put all my stuff in Miscellaeous unless it's truly appropriate.
Thanks for the review.

Penis + Wall = Love Penis + Wall = Love

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


you fuckin nutzoid kill myself

Anomic Anomic

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think I liked the short loops better... you've changed the melody a little bit and used some different sounds, and as the other person who reviewed this was saying, the drums really do sound great, but it's lost the originality, there just isn't as much substance here. Also, a lot of times it sounds like you are adding effects just because you can, which can be fun, but is not always neccesary. The intro guitar part is cool, but for the ending it just kind of happens. This is still pretty cool, but I think maybe you could have put your overland/underwater ideas together better to create a better overall picture. Anyways, good job, and keep writing

JonH2O responds:

Very true.

[Loop] - Overland Defeat?!?!!? [Loop] - Overland Defeat?!?!!?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hahahah nice

I love this style man, your last 3 songs have all been in the same key and the same kind of feel, but they are still very unique you know, these are deff cool loops. I love the harmonies and counter melodies you're doing, very simple and still mostly pentatonic, but that is always great for melodic lines. The blend was not too bad, maybe the counter melody at the beginning could have been louder. Also good use of vibrato on the last long note of the first phrase. All in all, keep up the good shit


JonH2O responds:

That's cool you like the style. I really dig synth solos over drums. I always get this picture in my head of a rock band playing live. But instaed of having guitars they have these guitar shaped keyboards soloing all over the place!

It's cool that you noticed these past few loops being in the same key. They have been a transgression through a song that I'm making. I've started to think out what I put in. I always used to jsut throw shit in and assume taht because it was the first thing taht came to me that it's the best. First, the song sounded more like "Two's Complimentary", then more like Underwater Victory. I liked Underwater Victory more, but after listening to it a few times that distortion started to irritate me. So I kept the same notes and such but just kinda edited the drums and effects to make it

You also pointed out that the counter melody could have been louder. Well, I leveled it down while the drums were playing slower. Maybe I'll just leave that alone. =) I have learned through practice that it is best to master your songs at a low volume rather than blast the hell out of it...So, this may sound better if you pump the shit out of it because that's how I mastered it.

Thanks for the review, your initials keep reminding me of Diablo II....Magic Find...Now I wanna play. I've been hooked on me alot of Diablo...


[Loop] Underwater Victory [Loop] Underwater Victory

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is very nice. It is quite similar to two's complimentary in many ways. A lot of the same synths, and same "asian" sound with the use of the pentatonic scale, i think u only use one note out of the scale in your lead part, the b6 near the end. Great job once again


JonH2O responds:

Very right! It is clipped from the same song. I was wondering if anyone would notice that. I like the pentatonic scale. I know it on the guitar but playing it on the keyboard was unknown. I didn't notice. When I play on the keyboard I play whatever comes natural. Maybe that's why it is appealing to you, because I wasn't set on the idea of staying in the boundaries of a peticular scale. I jsut kinda went with it.
Whatever, hah. Thanks for the review man.

Come Into the Light Come Into the Light

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Not too bad at all man! I love the high metal bells sound you used, that is very cool. It just kind of ends though, that was a little upsetting. I think when you hit the 5 chord in the B section before going back into the main melody, it might have been nice to use a major 9th instead of the minor one you used, but I'm sure you have no fucking clue what I mean, so don't worry about it. Good work.

CaedaFera responds:

I do, actually, understand what you're talking about, and sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm a Music Major, and this is a minor key song, but it has lyrics which change the whole mood of it. Once I get back to school I can record the lyrics, which would fix the repeatitiveness and the "sudden ending." Thanks again for the review.

He's a Pirate He's a Pirate

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I like the flute sound you used, that is very appropriate for the melody. The snare drum is pretty cool to start with, but begins to drag on and become repetitive after a while, although I like the accents you used. Also, maybe more drums then just snare could have been used, also, a more classical sounding snare might have been more appropriate. Louder bass would be good to I think.

CaedaFera responds:

Yeah, it's kinda hard to reproduce the kind of tones, sounds, et cetera that you want with this program, however, I tried my best. I just wanted to work this in, it was a sheet music piece that I was just testing my reading skills with. I doubt I'll redo it, but thanks for the criticism.

MarioTechno MarioTechno

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well...I don't know if you changed the original melody on purpose or just screwed up transcribing it, but other than that this piece is seriously lacking... Could use some PHAT BASS if you know what I mean, and maybe better drums than just hand claps, closed hi hat and bass drum. It's not really bad but... Pardon my assholeness. Also for the "dungeon theme" part you did, the first half is right, but the second part should be a whole tone lower, if you want the original melody... I dunno.

CaedaFera responds:

I have to say thanks for the constructive criticism. I actually changed this several times after I submitted it and I realize that there are a few tonal errors but note that I do all my work by ear and that eventually I get frustrated and work on another part of it. After I check to see which version this is, I'll edit the few issues you stated as well as fix up the newer parts and resubmit. Thanks again. ^_^

PaNdOrA-Pandoramic Tranquility PaNdOrA-Pandoramic Tranquility

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I understand mineworkers comment on this sounding like any other techno song, but not just that, it sounds like one of your songs, your style is very present in your pieces, very rcognizable. There is one point that was a little weird, one synth part is playing a 9, #11, and 13, sounds a little weird over the chords you are using, and although I'm sure you did it on purpose, maybe did not totally understand it, but there's no such thing as a wrong note if you meant to do it. Anyways, this is very cool, good work.

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

lol id check to see if u can really hear that fine tuned as to pick notes out of a chord but im too lazy, thanks for the great review dude.